Some DVDs won’t play on DVD player

  Onizuka 16:28 28 Oct 2007

Several times a friend has given me a DVD+R containing photos but although I can view them perfectly well on my PC, my Panasonic DMR-ES30VEB DVD recorder will not play them. He tells me that his disks play perfectly well on his own and others’ DVD players. Other DVD+R disks play without any problem on my Panasonic.

Is it the program (Sonic Record Now) he is using to create his disks that my Panasonic doesn’t like or is there some other reason?

  jack 16:35 28 Oct 2007

Iy has more to do with the machine that the disks are to be played on.
Whilst all DVD players will play 'commercial disks[films] There is a great disparity about what type of 'Burned' disks can be displayed.
The hand book that came with the machine will explain this.
Also Burned disks have to be Finalized to play on a machine other than the the one that created them.
The most dfficult disk to deal with are RW[read write] these are best avoided.

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