Some distortion in Google Street Maps

  thumbscrew 22:52 04 Jun 2010

I've just upgraded to the latest version of Google Earth and there's some distortion that I never noticed before, in Street Maps. Roads and houses seem mostly ok, but cars very often seem to be "stretched" and fuzzy. Anyone else got similar?

  Ashrich 23:39 04 Jun 2010

They of course may be moving cars .....


  northumbria61 23:40 04 Jun 2010

I agree with Ashrich

  thumbscrew 23:40 04 Jun 2010

Parked up.

  AlanHo 05:08 05 Jun 2010

Can you provide some coordinates so we can navigate to the same location and see exactly what you mean.

I have not noticed any stretched and fuzzy cars on Google earth in my locality.

(Before anyone else mentions it - I am sure it will not be stretched limos!!!!)

  thumbscrew 19:37 05 Jun 2010

AlanHo, sorry for delay...been in work. Try 4, Kenilworth Rd, Alway, Newport, Gwent. Look at the distorted parked cars.

  Ashrich 20:00 05 Jun 2010

I've looked at the address you mean , it looks like the cars are distorted due to the offset fisheye lenses that are being used , either that or there has been a terrible accident ......


  thumbscrew 21:00 05 Jun 2010

Ok, thanks Ashrich, down to the cameras. It's just that before I upgraded, that distortion most definitely wasn't there.

  AlanHo 13:10 06 Jun 2010

It looks OK to me.

My screen clip click here

  thumbscrew 17:03 06 Jun 2010

Thanks AlanHo, that's Google Earth, I was referring to Google Street Maps.

  AlanHo 22:54 06 Jun 2010


Sorry - your reference that you had just downloaded Google Earth threw me.

This is the view I get in map view - is this the same as you click here

The cars don't look very distorted to me.

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