Some days my Desktop just doesn't want to bother working!

  marksgee 20:55 05 Oct 2011

OK - Fairly computer literate so a bit baffled here! Run a 3.2 Pentium P4 PC with plenty of ram, Windows XP and everything seems fine. As my daily machine it's been well used in 4 years but every once in a while (about 2 week cycles)for no reason that I can evaluate it decides to have a go slow day. On these days itakes ages to boot into ready-to-go desktop mode and then when asked to do anything it just doesn't want to get going. If I leave the PC on and don't use it, you can here the disk clicking away and then after about an hour it settles down and can be used at normal operating speed. It's not backup software, or antivirus - I've turned all this to manual start only. Any suggestions?

  birdface 21:18 05 Oct 2011

Have you tried switching off when it has booted up then switching it back on again.

I have the same sort of problem usually a restart works ok.

I was thinking maybe a faulty switch on button making a bad connection.

Did a factory restore about a month ago and everything was going well but the old problem has started again.

I was also thinking maybe a faulty PSU as it sometimes grinds to a start.

I gave up trying to fix mine but will see if you get any good information that solves your problem as it may help me as well.

I tried most of the usual things defrag.chkdsk.Updated drivers.ran Security programs.scannow.

Never made the slightest bit of difference.W/7 64bit.Medion just in case yours is the same.A very quiet PSU on it so you can hear the slow start up and sort of starting and stopping as it gets to the windows screen.

So not sure if it could actually be the hard drive but the computer is only six months old.

I could send it back for repair but it has to go to Germany so just putting up with it at the has been like that since I got it.

Anyhow best of luck with yours I hope you get it fixed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:15 05 Oct 2011

about 2 week cycles

coincide with MS updates?

  marksgee 22:23 05 Oct 2011

tried that one - problem not resolved even when disconnecting from the web. I know people say that a processor cannot wear out but it's made me question this. BTW I fully cleaned out all the cards, fans and chips with compressed air gun

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