some basic Q's need answering

  Mr "B" 20:44 06 Feb 2006

With my new pc i got a microsoft works 8 disc to install which i have, if a friend of mine was to buy a pc without this could he install mine without probs?? Also can a wireless router run a dial up connection until the broadband is connected cause as we all know that is the longest wait ever til they connct you!!!

  Belatucadrus 20:55 06 Feb 2006

"could he install mine without probs? " Not if you're already using it, that's software theft try OpenOffice click here it's better than works and free.

  Diemmess 09:40 07 Feb 2006

Dial up requires an oldfashioned hard wired connection.

  spuds 10:18 07 Feb 2006

Mr "B"-No to both questions.

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