Solution for removal of ' MySearchDial'?.

  spuds 11:55 11 Dec 2013

Yesterday I downloaded Abode, and for some reason 'MySearchDial' as since appeared on all the three browser's computer (Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer).

Seeking help from the internet, wikihow seemed to offer the various solutions for removal of 'MySeachDial', but alas, all attempts have failed.

I thought about Hitman, and tried to download that programme, but was informed that my trial period had expired in January 2013 (?).So no luck there.

Can anyone offer a solution for removal of 'MySearchDial', or a download that seeks out deep rooted malicious unwanted programmes, and removes any problems?.

  Jollyjohn 13:00 11 Dec 2013

I have found the best way to remove these type of browser hijacks, for IE, at least is to remove the Windows Update that updated to the latest version of IE probably 9 or 10 and allow it to roll back to 8 Reboot and upgrade again. Once done I and IE is OK I would uninstall Chrome and Firefox and reinstall allowing them to import "clean" settings from IE

  spuds 13:08 11 Dec 2013


Thanks again for your response. Taking what you have suggested sounds very feasible, and I will try what you have suggested, even though I am not a great lover of Internet Explorer, but have it on the computer for a back-up.

As I mentioned earlier. Trying the wikihow way seemed fairly comprehensive, but for some reason it just didn't work on the three browser's, and remained intact and a nuisance?.

  johnnyrocker 14:38 11 Dec 2013

trying that one myself


  spuds 18:33 11 Dec 2013

This is becoming rather annoying, because the problem is still remaining on all three browser's.

Tried to go back to Internet Explorer 7 from IE8, but cannot. So did a check on the Microsoft website for a solution, and this informed me that removing Internet Explorer from Windows XP could be done via Add/Remove in Current Installed Programs, but Internet Explorer is not listed, but Google Chrome and Firefox which I also use, are both listed. So where is Internet Explorer?.

I then downloaded and used ADW Cleaner, but found this rather aggressive, due to the list being presented for deletions. Attempting this, I may have screwed up the computer up slightly. I would also advice, that reading the instructions for ADWC is essential?.

Any further suggestion or advice appreciated.

  lotvic 18:49 11 Dec 2013

when you uninstall MySearchDial from your computer, your web browser’s default settings will not be restored. This means that you’ll have to remove MySearchDial Toolbar and from your favorite web browser manually

Remove hijack (Removal Guide) click here

  spuds 10:48 12 Dec 2013

Lotvic - Thanks for the link, but it is very similar to the wikihow instructions, except it as added ADW Cleaner as well.


The problem that I am experiencing, is that the instructions from the two websites show one thing, like the whereabouts of 'mysearchdial' is, but in my case, it doesn't appear there, as instructed for removal. Even when I have managed to trace it somewhere else, and took what I regard the necessary action, it still appears, usually in the 3 browser's toolbar's on start-up (again my start-up information programmes on the computer, doesn't show 'mysearchdial'. It doesn't direct me to a website, but it remains there, until I put in a new title for redirection (?), trying default or blank also seems not to apply.

After having a further investigation yesterday, using various methods, trials, errors, I was able to trace 'mysearchdial' in CCLeaner as a cookie. Which I removed. Using the computer afterwards, then rechecking CCleaner, 'mysearchdial' is no longer there or as a cookie.

Time permitting today, I will make further attempts, because the only way I see it now, is a possible complete reformat with XP remaining on that particular computer. Would add that trying that computer this morning, things have turned out very slow and problematic!.

I hope the above makes sense, because its rather confusing for me :O(

  lotvic 20:21 12 Dec 2013

Look under W

In XP via Add/Remove in Currently Installed Programs and Updates, Internet Explorer is listed as Windows Internet Explorer 8

As for Search dial still showing in Browsers, "It doesn't direct me to a website, but it remains there, until I put in a new title for redirection" it sounds to me as if you have not reset the HomePage to a different url.

  rdave13 21:03 12 Dec 2013

Try resetting IE8, is the easiest way for that browser. You will need to go to add-ons again and re-enable the ones you use. Check your home page and selected search engines.

In Firefox try a reset or safe mode. Again check home page and list of search engines. click here

Study add/remove closely for unfamiliar programs.

As for Chrome I didn't like it so cannot help with that.

  spuds 11:53 13 Dec 2013


That is the point that I am trying to make. Internet Explorer 8 is not showing in XP add/remove. The other point about Homepage and changing url, this I have already done, but 'MySearchDial' returns.


I have gone back to the problem again this morning. Rest Firefox again, and so far it seems okay, with no 'MySearchDial' not appearing, so fingers crossed. I have removed Google Chrome and downloaded the latest version, with further checks required during the day, again fingers crossed.

The problem I now seem to have is with Internet Explorer 8, because what should be there, doesn't appear to be, if that makes any sense. I would love to remove IE8 completely, even with Revo, but at present I cannot.


One thing that I seem to have benefited from all this, is that I am now using Windows 7 on another computer, and I am beginning to like it, as I have with XP Home and Pro.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:09 13 Dec 2013

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