Solitaire weirdness

  [DELETED] 15:34 08 Oct 2005

My PC has on OEM copy of XP Pro installed. For some reason the games were not installed.

As I enjoy a quick game of solitaire every now and again I copied the file sol.exe form my Win 2000 laptop.

When running this file in XP I get a different set of card backs, and Solitaire now remembers my preferences, whereas in Win 2000 it always starts with the default settings.

Anyone know why this is? It's of no consequence, I'm just curious that's all.

  Andsome 15:51 08 Oct 2005

There is a vastly superior free solitaire game here.

click here

  Andsome 15:55 08 Oct 2005

This is the link that I should have given, it is the program that I have used for years.

click here

  Graham ® 17:47 08 Oct 2005

Go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Windows components. You can add Games there.

You can download a trial version of BVS Solitaire from click here. To buy costs about £11, well worth it for serious players. Caution: Forty Thieves is highly addictive!

  [DELETED] 18:02 08 Oct 2005

This is a great programme. I've now become addicted to Montana :-)

  [DELETED] 22:00 08 Oct 2005

Sorry, I must have confused everyone here...

I managed to move solitaire from my Win 2000 laptop and onto my XP PC, I was just pointing out that the backs of the cards on the XP system were different to the back son the Win 2000 system.

I was merely wondering way this was, are the card backs stored in a file somewhere within Windows? If so this would explain the difference.

Anyway, I've downloaded the program Andsome mentioned and will have a go with this, you never can have too much of Solitaire, it's the reason I've got a 3gig processor, 1.5 gig of ram and a £200 graphics card...

  [DELETED] 22:04 08 Oct 2005

You probably need to reformat and flash your BIOS for such a serious problem.

  Andsome 12:34 09 Oct 2005

Glad you like it.

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