Solid State Hard Drive

  Diabolo 13:13 04 Nov 2011

I'm thinking of replacing my 5 year old laptop soon. Should I be considering a replacement with a bootable SSD only and no hard drive?

  birdface 13:24 04 Nov 2011

Better be quick Hard drive prices are rocketing at the moment.

from another thread.

  robin_x 13:55 04 Nov 2011

I have wanted an SSD for a while (and another ext drive) but pennies are tight.

From careful use and partitioning of my existing W7 laptop 250GB drive, I reckon 90GB would be the least size of SSD I would be happy with (most apps and data on another hard drive/partition)

Many use 64GB which have been more affordable.

128GB and more SSDs have been a lot more expensive and of course the Thailand situation has made a right mess of the market now.

  Diabolo 14:04 04 Nov 2011

Thanks very much.

  gengiscant 14:20 04 Nov 2011

SSD's are certainly not rocketing in price,quite the reverse. An OCZ Vertex is now around £75 now, I paid well over a £100 earlier this year.A Crucial C300 is around £80 as opposed to again well over the hundred I paid.

A 60GB SSD is more than enough for an operating system and loads of software/programs.Games, music,photos and docs are all on a 500GB Sata hard-drive.

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