Solid State Hard Drive

  chub_tor 21:29 29 Aug 2011

I fancy having one of these, no real need but just would like to try one out and if I get one I would use it just to hold my OS (Win 7 64bit) and yes I already own the packaged upgrade version.

My question is what would I have to do in practise to have the OS on this new hard drive and all my programmes and data on my existing 1Tb SATA drive? At the present time this SATA drive is not partitioned and contains both the OS and everthing else and the thought of having to wipe it (having saved all my data of course) and re-install all my existing software programmes is not something I would really want to do. Is there another way?

Any thoughts would be welcome.

  rdave13 21:58 29 Aug 2011

It's new for me,also, and onthelimit very kindly posted a link to some cheap refurbished Crucial SSDs. I've also bough a new HDD and have already cloned the original in case it ends in frustration. I'll back-up all my data to another third drive but plan to reinstall my programs on the secondary drive, which I'll physically install to , once I get Win7 and security running on the SSD. Not much advice I know but some links to look at,

SSD Tweaker


  rdave13 22:05 29 Aug 2011

My humble apologies to gengiscant, I blame that old age bumff!

Here is the link kindle posted by gengiscant

Crucial refurbished SSDs

  hssutton 23:02 29 Aug 2011

I installed an SSD a few days ago. You need to go into bios and set AHCI. This must be done before installing W7 otherwise Trim will not work. I found out the hard way and had to do a reinstall of W7.

Like you I intended installing all my software on a secodary drive, unfortunately Photoshop wil not install to any other drive. I now have Photoshop & Lightroom on the SSD and the all other programs running from my secondary drive.

Lots of info on the net just google AHCI & TRIM. W7 automatically loaded trim, but no info is given. This download will check if Trim is enabled trim Drive controller info

  sunnystaines 07:09 30 Aug 2011


do you have ssd tweaker set on auto? & i take it you still set up trim if you have ssd tweaker?

  chub_tor 09:10 30 Aug 2011

hsutton "all other programs running from my secondary drive".... but did you have to re-install them? I am guessing that the SSD is now Drive C: with your old hard drive now D: and if you tried to run a programme from the D: drive (assuming that you left it untouched and did not format and re-install the programmes) doesn't that screw up the registry which would be looking for programmes on the C:drive?

  hssutton 11:04 30 Aug 2011

but did you have to re-install them? Yes

  chub_tor 12:41 30 Aug 2011

hssutton thanks for the reply, it seems as if it is as I feared and I am not sure if all the hassle is worth it. How do you find your new system? Is it faster to boot up perhaps? Was the investment worth the time and trouble? I can see no other advantage than raw speed when using the OS on an SSD, or are there other advantages that make the change worthwhile?

  hssutton 13:25 30 Aug 2011


Initially I cloned my existing C drive to the SDD along with all the rubbish I'd collected since installing Vista and yes I saw a small improvement when using photoshop.

Realising I had gone the wrong way with the SDD I formatted the drive set the Ide configuration from Native Ide to AHCI. Installed W7 and photoshop & Lightroom. I'm working with photo files of 100mbs plus, so any improvement is a bonus to me, but I doubt it was worth the improvement money wise.

Was it worth the hassle? I would say yes, but then I'm retired and it gave me something to do:) As I was upgrading to W7 it seemed the logical way to go.

  chub_tor 14:45 30 Aug 2011


Thanks for that, it is very honest of you. I am also retired and as an ex-electronics engineer I love to tinker, sometimes just to see what happens and the idea of an SSD appeals to my tinkering instinct. What size SSD did you buy?

  hssutton 15:11 30 Aug 2011


It would appear we have similar paths, as I'm a retired electrical engineer with an heavy electronics background also with a tendancy to tinker. I used the Kingston 96GB V+100 2.5" SATA-II SSD

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