Sole User, Adminstrator but insufficient privilege

  johndrew 18:45 23 Feb 2011

A short while ago I posted for help for my son's computer (click here) with help here he has managed to get it back (partially - many updates and other bits to be sorted apparently) but he asked that I pass his thanks to those who offered help and to pose another problem.

Although it has been possible for him to install some software damaged during the crash/failure it appears that Acronis True Image refuses as he has "insufficient privilege" to do this. He is the sole user and has Administrators rights. He wants ATI as he has access to a new(?) external drive and wants to at least save what he now has in case the laptop goes down again.

Could it be that his User Account has become damaged? If this is likely can anyone provide a steer as to corrective action that can be taken with (apparently) very limited resources. He (I think) used various unorthodox means to get the laptop running again - I have no idea if he used an XP CD or perhaps Linux - but still has no internet and few other resources.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 23 Feb 2011

click here

to enable the Hidden Admistrator account in VISTA#

Use it to reset the admin privileges in your own account or to disable UAC.

  lotvic 19:04 23 Feb 2011

I note from other thread that it is XP Home SP3.
If it is just his data (My Documents) files that he wants to save to the ext Drive then he can just copy them to the ext Drive.

Has his original backup drive and all his CD's that were on route arrived yet?

Regarding Acronis is he trying to reinstall into XP the program from CD when he gets the "insufficient privilege"?

You can run Acronis by booting from the CD this will mean that XP won't even have to start.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 23 Feb 2011

So how did I read that as Vista? Must be getting old :0)

My computer -right click - Manage,
click on administrative tool, & then select "local security policy."
On the left hand side under "local policies" select "user right assignments."
In the main window look for & click on the "Back up files & directories" policy.
Any user(s) or group(s) that you want to be able to create/use restore points must be listed here. If your user/group isn't listed you must add it. So add Your name or Administrator, or to cover both at the same time add the group Administrators or Backup Operators. That should allow you to use system restore points.

The default entries are Administrators & Backup Operators. If your user or group isn't in this policy then you can't access restore points

  johndrew 09:56 24 Feb 2011

Sorry I was a bit unclear.

He had ATI on the PC but the installation no longer works. However he also had the original download and serial number in another file that appears intact. To get ATI working he tried a reinstall and got the messages.

It is unlikely he will get access to either disks or external drive for some months (personal kit is a very low priority) and obviously wants to use the laptop. To ensure he can recover it more easily in the event of another failure he has obtained another external drive to back up to and needs ATI for this as it is the only software he has for the purpose. Because all his disks are 'in the box' he has no recovery disk and will need a functional copy of ATI on the laptop to make one. Bit of chicken and egg.

  johndrew 10:00 24 Feb 2011

He has access to and can make Restore Points, it is simply repairing/reinstalling ATI (see my post to lotvic above) that is causing problems at the moment. I wondered if it could possibly be his User Account that had also become damaged that was causing the difficulty.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:20 24 Feb 2011

Boot to safe mode Access via the administrator Account and install ATI there and do the required back up

  johndrew 13:58 24 Feb 2011

I certainly didn't think of that one!!

I've passed it on and hope it works. Many thanks.

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