software wont load

  boomslang 14:03 27 Dec 2008

i have got new software for childs toy dog. when i put it in drive it makes noises and the little disc appears then just stops. when i go into the drive and double click it is just blank. please help as this was 3 year old xmas present.

  johndrew 14:18 27 Dec 2008

Who is the manufacturer?

Have you checked their website?

Is this an update or initial installation?

  boomslang 14:31 27 Dec 2008

the mft is fisher price and its an initial upload i couldnt see anything on their website so wasnt sure if it was my computer i was going to do an autorun but only music files came up???

  Pineman100 14:43 27 Dec 2008

Just to be clear about this, you've hooked up the toy to the computer (USB?) and put the CD (I presume it's a CD?) into the drive. The CD won't autorun, so you've browsed to the drive in Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and found that the drive hasn't recognised the disk.

Is that right?

This is probably a stupid idea, but are you sure that you've put the CD in the drive the right way up?

If you're sure that you have, then maybe you could try the CD in a different computer. If it steadfastly refuses to work, then it may be faulty, in which case you'll need to contact Fisher Price for a replacement.

One final thought, have you checked their website to see whether the software is available as a download?

  boomslang 14:57 27 Dec 2008

thanks very much i found that you could download the software from the fisher price site and its all working ok. oh and yes i did have the disc right way round!! - think my disc drive is just not working.

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