Software Updates

  morddwyd 10:35 17 Aug 2014

I've just received an update telling me some software is out of date, and giving me an embedded link to update it.

I didn't use it, but opened the programme and upfated from there.

I know about the many scams for money business, of course, but never for software updates.

Was I right to be suspicious?

The e-mail seemed genuine, but so do many of them!

  morddwyd 10:36 17 Aug 2014

Sorry, that should have been "received an e-mail".

  john bunyan 10:41 17 Aug 2014

I think you were quite correct. I have never heard of a software update via e mail. Did you verify the source - mind you, scammers can have clever disguises?

  compumac 10:48 17 Aug 2014

Ask yourself - How would anyone communicating by e-mail know that you needed to update anything?

  Ventad 11:03 17 Aug 2014

I have always received an email from NVIDIA telling me there is a VISTA update Driver for my desktop , indeed I received one on 29th July this year, but I do know that one is safe, I also get emails from MS saying security updates available and what other security items are happening. But I agree with what JB says I would be quite suspicious of any other emails apart from those two.

  Ventad 11:09 17 Aug 2014


I got that one this morning but it disappeared as soon as it arrived, I think Norton closed it down straight away.

  Aitchbee 11:30 17 Aug 2014

This morning I got a 'full-screen' pop-up alert - requesting that a JAVA update was needed.

This was quickly followed by an on-screen alert from my Antivirus program [Avast! Pro Antivirus] indicating that it was a suspicious request ... so I declined the offer.

That's my excitement for the day over ;o[

  Gordon Freeman 12:21 17 Aug 2014

I would agree in being suspicious of email notification, unless (as others have said) you registered for some specific software. I guess you could always google to double check if there is an update, or go to the vendor's website & check?

The Java update thing is a bit suspicious, & I've seen on quite a few sites a suspicious notification telling me my Java needs updating when I know full well it doesn't.

Generally I wait for the application to tell me there's an update, and then go from there.

  morddwyd 19:46 17 Aug 2014

The software was Dropbox, which I am obviously registered with, which, of course, you don't normally "open" as such, it's just there.

To be fair, when I did open the programme I had the same link so I'm probably being a bit overcautious.

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