Software suggestions needed to burn mp3 discs

  Faser 11:48 05 Aug 2003

My problem is I am trying to find software that will allow me to rip music cds to mp3 and then edit and burn them to disc as mp3.
I have downloaded the excellent Free Rip and can create mp3 files, however I have to burn them as data files making editing more difficult.
I do not need or want a huge expensive cd burning package (Easy CD etc.) any ideas!

  JoeC 12:25 05 Aug 2003

Windows Media Player ?
Go to
click here

Download the fichier (883 kb) and double click setuplc3.exe to get MP3 capablities in WMP.

Also, on the same page, download the MP3.reg file to edit the registry for you.

  JoeC 12:28 05 Aug 2003
  DieSse 13:24 05 Aug 2003

"can create mp3 files, however I have to burn them as data files"

Don't quite understand you - mp3 files ARE data files - so they are burned as data files.

  Faser 17:34 09 Aug 2003

Thanks for advice, I can now easily edit my play lists before burning them to disc as Mp3 using Media player.( I do realise that all files are data).
Or so I thought! When I play the disc on my PC the tracks and albums are in the order I selected. However media player is burning the disc in numerical and then alphabetical order from the file names (All #1 tracks from each album first then all #2 and so on)
This is a problem when I use them on dvd players etc. I have noticed the PC is doing this with all files does anyone know how to change this?

  Ben Avery 17:36 09 Aug 2003

If you use Nero Buring ROM or Nero Express, there is a very simple interface which has an mp3 cd option and you can juggle the order and I think it may even convert them for you!


  krypt1c 19:19 09 Aug 2003

And you can get a cheapo OEM copy of Nero 5.5 from
click here
with a supplied registration key

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