software refreshing excel and sending e-mail

  Palo olaP 09:25 16 May 2017

Hi, can you help me with my issue. I need a software solution for refreshing data in excel file, save this file and then send e-mail with this excel file. There must by a feature for scheduling time of executing (for example daily, weekly etc.). Thank you for any Advice.

  lotvic 21:17 16 May 2017

Do you mean like this: click here or google for 'Let Excel e-mail your weekly reports' for choice of other links

  lotvic 22:15 16 May 2017

MJS WARLORD, how the 'eck did you do that? there is no Edit facility on here, once you press Post it's too late to alter anything.

  Palo olaP 10:35 17 May 2017

lotvic, there is no solution, for my issue. I need solution for no clicking a opening excel. I tell (or set up), each 8th workday in month I want to send this pattern of excel file. And this Software catch my excel file, open it, refresh table with data, which is connceted in database, then save excel file with date in file name and then send it to the addressee. Without my interference.

  lotvic 14:13 17 May 2017

Ok, I'll point you to an excel forum that may be able to help, click here

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