Software for producing posters,flyers etc.

  Legolas 21:05 28 Sep 2003

Can anyone recommend software for producing posters, flyers, pamphlets etc preferably free or low cost as its for a kids club ran by a couple from their local church.

  fred 21:20 28 Sep 2003

Try here click here

Older versions of the software but the price is right.

  bowman 21:28 28 Sep 2003

I have a cover disk of 'Serif PagePlus 5 Professional edition' (Full Version)

Its yours for a 'snail mail' address?

Hope this helps.

  Legolas 21:32 28 Sep 2003

Thank you bowman I will email you my address. Once again thank you.

  bowman 22:02 28 Sep 2003

It's in the post, first thing Monday morning. Only to happy to help.

  Legolas 22:04 28 Sep 2003


  Pesala 22:20 28 Sep 2003

Once you register version 5, you will be eligible for upgrade pricing. You might even be able to get it for the ridiculously low price of £15.90.

Version 9 is far superior to version 5. Though that may be enough for your needs it may soon prove a bit limited. If it does, don't hesitate to pay the full upgrade price of £49 or so if you have to. It is well worth it.

  Belatucadrus 22:42 28 Sep 2003

Or you could try Zoner draw 3 click here

  bowman 08:33 01 Oct 2003

Has the postperson called?

  Legolas 09:50 01 Oct 2003

Hi bowman. Yes the postman has called and I have installed the program. It is just what I was looking for, it does what I want and is not too hard to use. Thanks again for your quick and generous response.

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