Software Problems Installing a new Case Fan

  officer trolly 21:40 11 May 2005

Hi, I had a noisy 92mm case fan with three wires - white red and black, which plugged into the motherboard on a 3-pin connector. I just bought a new Vantec SF9225l as a direct replacement (quieter spec too) and it too has 3 wires (but yellow, black, red). On starting up the pc the fan works OK, but the pc goes to dos blackscreen, saying 'Chassis Fan is abnormal!' and ' F2> to run SETUP'. In setup I can find one setting under 'Power' called Chassis Fan, with only two options, and changing the setting (disabled or a fan speed which comes up in red) makes no difference. Any ideas please?

  citadel 22:00 11 May 2005

can you not plug the fan into a connector directly from the power supply unit. this is the way I connected my case fan.

  diy 22:13 11 May 2005

From the sequence of colours on your post the red and black are swopped. I would think (caution here - i'm not an electrican!) as its a DC motor the fan will be runnng backwards. This may be giving the 'abnormal fan'

  rubella 22:19 11 May 2005

I think citadel is on the right track. I’d be inclined feed it straight from the PSU, because I believe if you can, it is always preferable to drawing from your MB. You might find you need a 3pin to molex connector though if your PSU doesn’t have a spare 3pin out.

If you must connect it to that MB header: When you say “disabled or a fan speed which comes up in red”, is that a fan speed in red as in a numerical value? If it is you should be able to change it.

It sounds to me like the fan you were running ran at a higher rpm and so did not activate a warning because it was greater than that threshold of that “fan speed in red”. If you increase that value to a little faster than your new fan runs at it should be ok. I wouldn’t suggest this for a critical fan, but as it’s a case fan it should be peachy.

Which make/model of fan was the Vantec SF9225 a replacement for?

  rubella 22:26 11 May 2005

"If you increase that value to a little faster than your new fan runs at it should be ok."

bilge - what i should have said was "a little slower".

  officer trolly 22:40 11 May 2005

I checked the wires, and like for like the red and black are in the same place - otherwise the old fan has a white and the new a yellow in it's place - my discription misled, sorry diy.
The old fan was a 'MINEBEA CO model 3610KL-04W-B49 12v=DC 0.28A brushless'.
Citadel - there are no obvious power-outs or terminals on the outside of the PSU, although there is a DC out at the rear (12v 1.2A) not being used.
Rubella - the numerical value in red changed - I presumed it was monitoring rather than controlling - I will try to set it faster than the c672rpm it was stating (the 'power fan' setting below was giving 1638 rpm, an dthe CPU fan above was 2960rpm).
The Vantec (new fan) box says it runs at 1750rpm.
Do I just overtype the numbers?

One thought - do I assume the red and black wires are power and can I just cut the yellow, and have no monitoring?

Thanks for your help all

  DieSse 22:58 11 May 2005

One thought - do I assume the red and black wires are power and can I just cut the yellow, and have no monitoring? -- Yes

But you can also usually disable monitoring in the BIOS - it's normally disabled for case fans, as there may not be one fitted.

  officer trolly 20:38 12 May 2005

I went into 'setup' (is this the BIOS?) and could not change the speed settings - it would not let me over-type. Changing the setting to 'disable' still brings up the 'DOS' screen on start-up with the 'F2 to run setup' line as above.
If I were to take power off the psu presumably the yellow wire would be redundant anyway, so cutting it and leaving the power coming off the motherboard would be a neater solution?

Any more ideas (apart from sourcing an exact replacement for the old fan - we are only talking a few £ and it was not that noisy before the bearings went..)?

  DieSse 22:26 12 May 2005

You don't change the speed settings by overtyping - you select the speed setting, then use the + and - or Pageup and PageDown keys - the page will tell you how to change values somewhere on it.

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