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  Rebanut 22:55 22 Jul 2003

I am getting a new pc in a few days time and will be going from 98 to XP, with 98 I have found Norton system works is very useful and wanted to know if I should buy the up to date version and install it on my new pc or does XP not need it,
also is there any other software you think is essential to have on a new pc and will I need to buy a book to understand XP.
hope this makes sense.

I have just bought a new PC today and there are some programs that I think are essential.
If you have broadband then get some sort of firewall protection.I use Zone Alarm ,which I have used alot.I also downloaded Diskeeper lite (a defragmenter, far better and faster than supplied with windows,Adaware from lavasoft- for getting rid of spyware and winzip. I have also bought Norton Systemworks 2003 for general upkeep of my computer and for virus protection.
Windows XP comes with a good tutorial but the best thing is to go to your local library and borrow a book on XP.

  Andsome 08:22 23 Jul 2003

If you go for a decent firewall, AND YOU SHOULD, especially if you decide on broadband, then you MUST disable X.P's own useless firewall before installing any other.

  Lozzy 08:37 23 Jul 2003

To put the record straight Windows XP's Defragmentor is in fact Diskeepers. However,jpiter,, is correct in what he is saying I equally would strongly recommend Diskeeper V7 full version though as is has many terrific facilities on it.

In regard to Norton Utilities, its purely a personal choice all you really need is a good AV and Firewall the later only if your going on Broadband. XP's own firewall is Norton's but it is not a bi-directional firewall it will only stop inbound traffic. It is okay and will suffice most peoples requirements. My suggestion to you would be get XP enable its firewall then go to and carry out the free security check. If you see you have any vulnerabilities then get a decent firewall.

As far as software to recommend I would suggest the following::

Cleanup click here it is great and its free

Ad-ware click here

Bootvis click here

  TECHNODIMWIT 08:43 23 Jul 2003

click here

cheapest i found for Norton internet security.

a/v, firewall, anti-spam, ad blocking (i haven't seen the 3`s), and parental control.

they have raised the price so you might not get next-day delivery as i did, there must be a lot of customers.


  Rebanut 08:58 23 Jul 2003

Many thanks for all the advice, I am no youngster anymore and have been told XP is pretty complicated and I am hoping I can get my head round it ok.



  -pops- 09:10 23 Jul 2003

When you have installed all the essentials, as above, be very circumspect about ANY other software that you install.

Never buy any piece of software on a whim or because it's cheap. It can be very tempting to install every bit of software you come across - like from magazine cover disks. Always reflect very carefully before installing anything as to whether you really need whatever it is you are being tempted to install. Very often you don't need it and if you do install it you will never use it - result - clutter and rubbish in your machine. Even if you remove them, there are invariably some remnants which can play havoc with other installations.

Obviously, some things are fairly necessary like an office suite but do you need the whole of M$ Office XP Professional or SBE when all you will use is Word? If you need a graphics program, do you need the whole PhotoShop when PhotoShop Elements will do. Some of these programs are huge in the amount of disk space they take up but apart from that, the more there is in your machine the more there is to go wrong, become corrupted and to interfere with other programs you may have.

Keep it lean - keep it clean - keep it efficient.


  accord 09:13 23 Jul 2003

norton internet security 2003 is what i upgraded to when i changed to XP.

no adds, no pop ups, no nonsense, no hassle

  -pops- 09:14 23 Jul 2003

P.S. There is no need to get concerned about learning XP. If you're used to 98 then you're well on the way to knowing XP. In many ways XP is easier than 98.

I'm no youngster either!!


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