Software Licenses on a dual boot system

  Jake_027 21:08 07 Apr 2007


I am (hopefully) going to be installing Vista later on my laptop but hope to dual boot. But with regards to software licenses where it says for use on one computer only, if I install a program on vista and XP would this count as two licenses as it is a different OS, or would it still be one as both installations are on the same computer.



  Fingees 21:17 07 Apr 2007

The vista license will cover for the vista installation on that computer, likewise XP license will cover to use XP,

The licence is purchased with the software, there is nothing to stop you using two operating systems.

But you will not be able to use the same cd installation disks on any other computer

  Jake_027 21:22 07 Apr 2007

Thanks for the info, but I was referring to software on windows rather than windows itself, sorry for not being clear!

For example if I install Acronis True image in XP can I then install it in vista as well and it will still be one pc, or will it be classed as two different pc's due to the different operating systems.



  Jake_027 21:59 07 Apr 2007

Can anyone help?



  birdface 00:30 08 Apr 2007

On XP you are allowed to run two computers as long as one is a laptop,With Vista I dont know.

  birdface 00:40 08 Apr 2007

What I meant was that you are allowed to run 2 computers with the one XP disc as long as one is a laptop,Hope that i have got that right,

  Jake_027 00:53 08 Apr 2007

Kind of-it's still me not making myself clear, must be these late nights!

I have a laptop that I want to install both vista and XP on.

Say I install both successfully so I have a dual boot.

If I install (for example) True image (which is licensed for one computer only) under Xp, then install true image again under vista (as it needs to write registry entries to both OSes) Will this be seen by true image as two separate computers, or as the same computer. In effect, by dual bootng, will I need to buy two copies of true image, one for each OS, or despite the fact that it is installed on two OSes, will acronis still recognise this as one computer (as is the actual case).



  birdface 01:20 08 Apr 2007

Yes sorry penny dropped,You have both systems on the laptop,Unfortunately I can see your predicament But cant help,I am sure that you will get the right information but maybe not tonight,The Forum editor would probably be the one to keep you on the right track,Sorry that I could not help,Best of luck.

  sean-278262 01:27 08 Apr 2007

Dont worry you will get help tonight.

Yes you can install it on both OS's. As you actually said yourself. Provided the software is licenced for one PC and not for one OS you will only have it on one PC installing it twice, once on each OS. I have yet to come across any program that will argue to being on the two OS's in a way of calling home to make sure. However you are in the legal right as you only are using it on one PC. So install away. 2 OS's on one tower or laptop does not equal 2 PCs.

A PC is by its definition the collection of hardware not the software on it.

  Snec 01:36 08 Apr 2007

I can't believe this is proving to be so difficult, unless it's me being dim of course and I've misunderstood the question.

You want to know if you can put True Image on each of your operating systems? If that is the question, the answer is, yes you can.

  Jake_027 11:57 08 Apr 2007

Problem solved, thanks to everyone who contributed


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