Software internet accelerators

  allang 15:17 04 Feb 2004

Please can anyone supply any info on software internet accelerators.I can't justify spending on broadband as I don't spend a great deal of time on the internet.Searching on Google shows 100's of products,but do they do what they say? Do they increase download speeds,reduce download times etc? If they do/don't work,can anyone recommend/ give advice (good & bad) on particular products? Many thanx.

  plsndrs3 15:24 04 Feb 2004

Download accelerators [such as Download Accelerator Plus, Get Right, etc] works by splitting files and downloading chunks from verious locations. These are useful to have on your PC.

With reference to the programs that [allegedly] improve your overall internet speed to something similar to broadband, personally I don't believe that these things can improve you file page access by over 10 times. I think that you will find that they perform tweaks to your modem settings but they can never run faster than the maximum byte rate that the modem will fun at [56k or whatever].


  Pesala 15:59 04 Feb 2004

It is significantly faster at rendering pages than Internet Explorer, and meaningful content appears sooner. It also caches pages and has a tabbed page bar so that you can quickly switch back to a previous page while another is loading.

I did a test on MSN groups, browsing eight message threads, then flipping back through them with the back arrow just long enough to load each page to glance at the content. In Internet Explorer it took 40 seconds, in Opera it took 8 seconds. Then forward again the same. Loading those eight pages initially will take 40 seconds or longer on dial-up, but once they are cached, Opera loads them instantly. This is what makes the browsing experience seem so much quicker.

A zoom function makes reading small print much easier, the built-in popup blocker stops those annoying ads from distracting you.

Downloads can be resumed where you left off if your connection drops.

As plsndrs3 says, not a lot can be done to speed up your connection. Turning off graphics will do more to speed things up than anything else.

In Opera, which is ad-sponsored with a small banner, you can choose Google ads which are text based and targetted to the pages that you browse. click here

The banner can be removed by paying $39 to register Opera, or hidden by using fullscreen mode. click here to download Opera.

  Indigo 1 17:14 04 Feb 2004

I use Naviscope with Internet Explorer and it made a huge difference to the speed that I can view web pages and it's free from click here . It also has a popup blocker and many other useful features. It can also help speed up downloads a little.

Don't bother with purchasing software web accelerators as they are not what they seem.

  canard 17:46 04 Feb 2004

Regular defragging, emptying temp internet files when browser closes, keeping start up list and number of running apps to minimum all make PC faster and internet activities too.

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