Software to flip a webcam image?

  m800afc 23:44 15 Jan 2010

Windows XP Pro SP3; ASRock 775VM800; Pentium 4; 3GHz; 2Gb RAM

Does anyone know of some any free software that can flip and rotate a bog standard webcam. the supplied software won't let me do this.

  Sea Urchin 00:51 16 Jan 2010

You don't say which your "bog standard webcam" you have - but most basic webcams have an Image Orientation section under Webcam Settings (Advanced) which is supported by Windows. Many people don't realise they have it.

  m800afc 01:03 16 Jan 2010

The webcam is a generic HP starter Cam.
I have not been able to find any orientation settings.

  User-312386 01:08 16 Jan 2010

Are you saveing the image first? If so use paint to flip the image

  m800afc 09:01 16 Jan 2010

I don't want to save the image at all, I want to flip the live feed.

  Technotiger 09:09 16 Jan 2010

Turn the camera upside - down, if you don't already have it that way ...

  oldbeefer2 09:39 16 Jan 2010

But only for calls to Australia :-)

  Woolwell 11:52 16 Jan 2010

If you are using it for web chat then Skype advanced settings may well allow you to flip and rotate it.

  March Hare 12:24 16 Jan 2010

Irfanview (free )will flip.

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