Software to create photo 'library'

  maltose 11:59 01 Oct 2008

I want to 'catalogue' my many photos and create a sortable index, in which, with a single click on a selected photo, I will be able to see that photo. Is there softwate to do this, can XL do it?

  VoG II 12:05 01 Oct 2008

Perhaps click here

  maltose 12:26 01 Oct 2008

Thank you VoG™ for a very prompt reply. I have revisited Picasa and am not sure it is what I want. Indeed its own help forum has some members asking for better 'indexing'. I guess I am looking for a freebe software like ACD.

  iambeavis 12:39 01 Oct 2008

Have you tried "Faststone Image Viewer" - click here

  maltose 13:09 01 Oct 2008

thank you iambeavis. My normal photo software is either Photolab Express or Serif Photoplus niether they nor I, suspect, fasttone image viewer, appear to do what I want. Perhaps I should be more specific. I want to 'tag' each photo with five fields - date, place, category, sub group and title. I want to be able to sort the records by any of these fields, select the appropriate photo record(displayed in text line)click on it and then see the photo. Am I asking too much?

  iambeavis 13:19 01 Oct 2008

"XnView"? - click here

"Exifer" - click here

"PhotoMe" - click here

Perhaps one of these will do what you require.

  maltose 13:27 01 Oct 2008

Hey this looks hopeful. Exifer's own site talks the language. I have to 'go out' now but will investigate further this pm. Thanks iambeavis

  iambeavis 13:48 01 Oct 2008

The screenshots for "PhotoMe" look as though it may be what you're looking for.

  iambeavis 15:06 01 Oct 2008

And another one "PhoA" which looks promising - click here
Screenshots - click here

  maltose 22:36 01 Oct 2008

Sorted! I can use XL to make up the data base and add insert hyperlink as one of the fields. Thanks to you both.

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