Software to Control Emlployees' Productivity

  modis90 12:52 04 Apr 2018

I need any good tool to monitor employees activities and working hours, and block certain websites and programs. Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 13:21 04 Apr 2018

Before you start using such software. Your Employees must be formally told that their actions are being monitored and that information must be included in their next Contract of Employment

  octal 16:24 04 Apr 2018

As for the web sites visited then if you pay the bill for the internet, you can blacklist what ever you like if all the computers go through a server, the same for installing programs, you grant employees user rights only and installing programs has to be done with admin rights. This should already be in place like most work places I've worked in, both big and small.

Can't comment on monitoring working hours without knowing more about your organisation and how it operates.

  irinaweber048 08:27 10 Apr 2018

Before someone monitoing, you should let employees know about it. But only it concerns working activities during working time. For this purpose, you can try out Work Examiner. It is designed specially for professional work monitoring remotely.

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