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  mpanzalone 19:14 18 Jul 2003

Hello Everyone,

I've got a new Dell 4600 desktop with an CDROM and DVD drive. I put a data(software) CDROM in the drive and it won't play. The screen flashes for a split second and that's it. When I try another CD it works. Is it the CDROM itself or is there somrthing else I should try?

Also, I plugged in a USB wireless adapter and during the configuration the machine tells me the adapter is unplugged. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for the help!!!

  woodchip 19:20 18 Jul 2003

Cd drives will not always play certain discs, do not ask me why something to do with either the speed of the CD drive being too fast or from format.

For usb you may have to go into bios and enable usb

  woodchip 19:20 18 Jul 2003

that should read wrong format

  mpanzalone 00:45 19 Jul 2003

This issue is not resolved. I accidentally clicked the resolved button.

Thanks Woodchip, but the USB is enabled in the BIOS. Also, wouldn't you think a new CDROM dreive and a new LinkSys wireless adapter Configuration CDROM should be compatible?

  DieSse 09:14 19 Jul 2003

I'm sure they're compatible, but the actual CD itself could be faulty. Try checking it in another system.

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