software to boost download speed

  1973scotty 13:22 21 Mar 2009

hi have seen offers for software to increase your download speed. do these work if so can anyone recommend one.

  Jak_1 13:27 21 Mar 2009

Not really worth the trouble, gain is only marginal at best. What this software does is to compress the data into a smaller package, it does not really increase the download speed as such.

  1973scotty 13:37 21 Mar 2009

so not really worth it, well it eas worth a shot,

  Szymanski99 15:03 21 Mar 2009

There is a utility on the latest PC Advisor DVD called DAP91 which empirically seems to have boosted my download speeds. Difficult to be certain, as the speed varies so much with different websites, but it connects to up to 5 mirror sites at a time - not sure whether it uses multiple download paths or just looks for the fastest, but I'm going to keep it installed.

  woodchip 15:35 21 Mar 2009

It uses multiple download paths, I used one of these years ago when on Dial-Up. So if one slows it switches. Or its supposed to

  sunnystaines 15:38 21 Mar 2009

i use DAP its OK and free

click here

latest version

  Graphicool1 16:12 21 Mar 2009

I use DAP (the Free version) I like it. It also says if you have Broadband it can download even faster, by opening another port. I haven't gone there yet, as I'm happy with the speed I'm getting as it stands now.
Also as it's downloading it checks for viruses etc.

If you do decide to give it a go, be alert when downloading it. As there are other offers you may not want. One of the extra Freeware offers is a video accellerator, which is fine. However there are other things on offer which are not. Say no to the 'Speed Bit Toolbar' I't'll take your system over and it's a pig to get rid of.

Also as you are downloading make sure you tick the Freeware version.

  1973scotty 14:01 22 Mar 2009

cheers wil give it ago & download

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