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  Lol36 20:03 14 Jul 2003

I have a data application program that can store data for putting in names & addresses and appointments etc, after every time I add on more informations to the data I used a floppy disk for back-up, now it got quite a lot on it I need to use more disks, So I decided to put it on a CD, But it will not work, I loaded the main program onto the CD But like the floppy disk you cannot use the back-up data, it is the same with if I use microsoft application such as words and excel, I can save a program to CD but if I add any more information and try to save it again it will not save it comes up with change the file name or move it to a different location, I went into properties of the program on the CD And it only write on read only, I am using windows XP and I use the recordmedia, so I would like to know if there is any way to save any application over the same after adding further information, apart zip drive or floppy disk.
Please could you give me any suggestions.
thank you.

  Jester2K II 20:06 14 Jul 2003

You want to run a program like Word from a CD??


CDs are writable but not in the way you want to do it. You can't get Word to write a new file to a CD. You either need to use the built in CD Writing software or something like Nero or Easy CD.

Why do you want to do this??

  wee eddie 20:36 14 Jul 2003

I may be totally out of order here, but if I read you correctly, you are trying to back-up the program rather than your files.

First thing:- you cannot save 2 files with the same name on a writable disk. eg floppy or zip as the first will be over written.

Second thing:- the program you are using will be saving your work as file.doc (that is in Word) when you hit the Save Button the files will be saved in Windows/Programs/Word or My docs, but when you save you have the choice of destination. you could save them in a Folder on your Desktop or in My Docs. Then all you have to do is keep a copy of that folder on whatever medium you choose.

Most folk recommend 3 copies and rotate so you always rerecord onto the oldest.

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