Software for a 5 or 6 year old needed

  fred 20:34 19 Nov 2003

A relative who is five and a bit is getting a computer for Christmass. Can anyone please reccommend good software that is suitable for that age. Ideally the aim should be fun and learning? The O/S is XP Home and Celeron 2.4G.

I'm far more into office apps etc. I do not want to waste money on poor software. There is plenty of dross around and I've learnt to value other people's experiences. Thanks in anticipation.

  leo49 20:52 19 Nov 2003

Typing "free kids software" into Google throws up some useful looking resources in the first page of results.

  Joe McG 20:58 19 Nov 2003


Art Attack by Europress has lots to keep the younger generation amused for hours on end.

I can recommend this highly.

You can buy it here for £9.99, bundled with another of their titles. click here

  fred 21:15 19 Nov 2003


Thanks for the suggestion. I must admit that I am wary of freeware as there is often a hidden price to pay. For myself this is no problem but the mather of the child is a PC novice and is not aware of the potential problems or solutions.

Joe McG

Thanks. Just had a look and it seems a good one.

  fred 21:15 19 Nov 2003

OOps "mather" = mother

  leo49 21:21 19 Nov 2003

Fair enough - I was just surprised by the sheer volume of stuff available. This place that I've bought from in the past has cheap retail stuff[Category: PC Software/Games/Children]

  David-235429 21:22 19 Nov 2003

Not sure if its still around but the Reader Rabbit series (maths in particular) would keep my youngster hooked for ages. The general idea is that you get to build a pirate ship and the more correct answers you get the more bits of the ship you get.

  Mikeonfreeserve 21:30 19 Nov 2003


The Harry Potter PC game is v.v.good.

  Mikeonfreeserve 21:32 19 Nov 2003

Reader Rabbit is excellent and we have plenty if you're interested.

  fred 21:43 19 Nov 2003

All ideas welcome.

The situation is that I persuaded my parents ( in their 70's) to upgrade their budget from £250 and I would chip in the rest. After the purchase they refused my contribution. I want to compensate by providing a good software bundle. I feel morally obliged to bo this. The cash cost is, where I am concerned, of minor importance.

  Legolas 22:05 19 Nov 2003

Have a look here click here this software is new on the market and it has been developed by a friend of mine.

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