Softare Savings Ltd???

  Bez 18:53 12 Jun 2003

Has Software Savings Ltd. gone out of business?
I ordered Lotus Smartsuit 9.7 on 22May but have not heard from them. I have sent a number of emails and tried to phone them but have not been able to contact them.
Their website is still obtainable but their safety cert. is many months out of date.

Information please.

  hugh-265156 19:07 12 Jun 2003

Tel: (01357) 522700 give them a call and ask

  Bez 19:17 12 Jun 2003

I have phoned them a dozen times, but there is never an answer. The phone rings for ten minutes and then cuts off.

  hugh-265156 19:22 12 Jun 2003

oh dear.

  spuds 19:27 12 Jun 2003

If you have paid for the item ordered. Then contact your credit card company, and ask them, if they are processing payment claims from Software Savings.That should solve your problem.

Most companies though ask for 28 days grace on deliveries.

  accord 20:30 12 Jun 2003


ive got a copy of lotus if you want it for a price

  Bez 22:16 12 Jun 2003


No, the credit card co. has not received a request for payment. This is the reason I wonder if they are still in business.


Thank you for the offer, but I am going to wait a little longer.

No one seems to know if Software Savings Ltd. are still in business! Thank you all for your help.

  PA28 22:26 12 Jun 2003

If you're worried then Companies House may be able to advise if they're still in business - but it's a bit early in the day. If your order was over £100 your card company will cover you against any loss if payment is processed and the company is insolvent anyway.

Perhaps if Software Savings Ltd posted on this thread with the current position - that would reassure (or otherwise!)any concerned parties.

  Bez 18:51 13 Jun 2003


Thank you for your thoughts.
I have sent a 'Waiting for Goods' letter and given them until 21 June to send the goods. After which the order will be cancelled.

It would be a very good thing if Software Savings Ltd. posted on this thread to clarify their position.

  Valvegrid 19:14 13 Jun 2003

This is the link to companies house, there appear to be some irregularities, but make up your own mind.

click here


  Bez 15:32 14 Jun 2003

Thank you Paul for your link.

I have sent an email to Company House and am awaiting their reply.

The 'Waiting for Goods' letter sent to Software Savings Ltd was delivered in Larkhall.

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