SOF II problems

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Hi I'm currently playing SOF II single player, and I'm up to here Kamchatka: Labs 1,2,3

Now move on down the hallway and kill the guards around lab 1. From the entrance of lab 1, walk straight forwards and hit USE on the shiny tube. Go outside the lab, and head out the double doors to the left of the lab and then go right down the small stairs and through the next hallway.(OBJ updated) Open the double doors and snipe all guards outside by the trucks. Go up the stairs and activate the crane TWICE. This will bring the explosives on the second creates to you. Now go back and blow up the lab, stand outside the lab while it blows. No go through the hole in the wall that was created. Head to the right and through the next doorway. Head all the way forwards and then to the left, now work your way across the walkway and then down the stairs on the other side, go through the double doors and into the lab on the right. Now once you plant the explosives, RUN back to the stairwell leading up to the second level. Kill all the guards in the room to the right and go up to where they were. Go through the broken window (it is bulged out beams are left) and shoot the vent shaft on the other side.

Ok this is as far as I can get I have tried again and again to get through the vent and I wont fit is there anything I am doing wrong?

Go around and crawl into the shaft. Go through the vent on the other side and drop down the hole in the end of the shaft. Kill the guards, and guy in the lab coat and proceed forwards. Kill the guards in lab 3 and then go in and blow the 3rd lab. Run out to the room with 3 double doors (right outside the lab) and stick by the side of the locked doors, once the lab blows, the guards will open this door. Proceed through it and move forwards to exit the level.

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I don't know how many gamers are still here, I think a lot of people left when the Games section closed. You may do better at click here there's a good gamers section there.

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thanks for that, but I already use that walkthrough that is how I have got as far as I have (never have been great at games)its also where I cut most of my posting from the problem is that,

I wont fit through the vent, must have put on weight at the speed I have been gettin through the game, Its all that sitting around he's been doing time I figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.

  ordep 20:55 19 Aug 2003

Tis a while since I finished SoF but, with some of those vents you have to jump & crouch at the same time to be able to get in.

By the by. The exiled gamers are click here

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