Soda PDF from current Mag Disk

  six-h 12:55 25 Jun 2012

Having installed this software, I find that I can only type at 90 degrees to the image I've scanned in, regardless of the orientation selected. If the form is landscape, then the text boxes will be vertical. If the form is rotated to portrait, (the image text then being vertical)the insert text box appears in landscape orientation. It doesn't seem to be possible to get both the image and the text I want to insert to be in the same plane! Anyone able to help?

  northumbria61 13:15 25 Jun 2012

Not familiar with this product. You could try asking FE

  Woolwell 21:24 25 Jun 2012

Don't know if this will help sodapdf youtube.

If you do a search on youtube for sodapdf you will find that they have uploaded some tutorials.

  six-h 21:44 25 Jun 2012

Thanks Woolwell, already seen that, it relates to the Pro version, the PCA cheapskates only gave away the Standard entry level edition.....and then of course reviewed the top of the range version! Typical!!

  Woolwell 22:37 25 Jun 2012

I suspect that a lot of these are promotions given to PCA to get you to pay to upgrade.

  six-h 22:54 25 Jun 2012

[Quote Woolwell]>>I suspect that a lot of these are promotions given to PCA to get you to pay to upgrade.<<[Unquote]

It's having the opposite effect on me: I gave up comming here when this Godawful re-hash was foisted upon us. I have to admit it was possibly my best decision! I'm binning the mag too! How on earth do you put up with the unbearably intrusive level of advertising that there is now?

  SodaPDF 21:37 27 Jun 2012

Dear six-h,

In order to give you the best support possible, could you contact Soda PDF Support Team at [email protected] and send the PDF you have trouble with at this address? We will be able to investigate and see what's wrong with this file.


Best Regards,

Your Soda PDF Team

  rdave13 21:51 27 Jun 2012

six-h , you get the standard edition for free then you get a reply from SodaPDF on PCA forums with an offer of help. NOT BAD RESULTS FROM A MAG AND FREE FORUMS, albeit some adds thrown in.

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