Socket A Upgrade

  item 12:32 20 Sep 2004

I have a Mesh PC with a Asus A7A266 Socket A Motherboard and AliMaGik 1 chipset. Current CPu is AMD XP 1500+ (1.34ghz). I don't want to buy a new Pc but would like to upgrade processor. Can I do this easily and cheaply? Mainly an Office 97 machine not worried about sound or gaming capability.

thanks, Item

  TomJerry 13:24 20 Sep 2004

The FSB front side bus of your Motherboard run either 200 or 266 MHz, it means that it should be able to support all Althon XP Thoroughbred processor, the fastet one is XP2800+, but you would not be able to find it unless go 2nd hand because they have been replaced by Barton (run at 333MHz).

Currently, the faste Thoroughbred you can find in market is XP2400+, costs around £50.

Personally I think it is not difficult to upgrade a CPU, but I do not how much experience you got with PC tweaking.

Better to check Motherboard manual.

  item 13:28 20 Sep 2004


thanks for comments. OK with the hardware but reluctant to mess about with BIOS etc. XP2400 sound a good bet. Assumed that I just remove old CPU and clip new one in place. Is it likely to be this simple?

  Noleg24 13:52 20 Sep 2004

if the Mobo can take anything up Athlon XP 3000+ then you can get a Athlon XP 2500 for about £40-50...but now there are the new AMD semprons that are the newer versions of the Durons and AthlonXPs..go to click here with the Athlon XP 2500 you can overclock it to 3200 if the mobo supports overclocking.

  TomJerry 14:49 20 Sep 2004

Noleg24 is wrong because XP2500+ and Semprons are run at FSB 333Mhz which your motherboard does not support.

To change CPU: you need to remove Heatsink first and then remove CPU itself.

Then, you can put on new CPU and apply some themal paste (not too much, you can get it from or, then put new Heatsink (be careful, not to crash CPU).

When you buy CPU, get a Retail version, not OEM version because OEM version has no heatsink and fan. Faster CPU need new heatsink and fan. Of course, you can buy heatsink separatly. There are not many store sell 266FSB AMD cpu anymore.

I tracked down one for you: AMD Athlon XP 2400 (266MHz) Retail inc. fan (3 yr.warr.) £49.64 click here

By the way, you may get some RAM as well if your machine has less than 512MB.

  Noleg24 15:04 20 Sep 2004

TomJerry I am not wrong as I have the Athlon XP 2500 and its overclocked to 3200 running at 2.2GHz...I happen to have the MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR and if you read my first post you will notice I said if his mobo supports it...which means he doesnt have to get the Athlon 2500 and also if you read properly I said if the mobo supports anything up to 3000+ then he can get it. I think he knows how to change a CPU...he was just asking what would be the best one and he was asking for advice which I was happy to give..if you think I am wrong then thats fine by me...but I wouldnt post false info if I havent done it myself...ok so maybe I didnt read his mobo model correctly but at least I had my tracks covered in the advice I gave. If I am being honest I would go for the Semprons but that would involve upgrading the mobo at the same time. but its your choice do what you feel is best..of course its not easy to change CPUs...I should know I do happen to build PCs myself..

  item 15:47 20 Sep 2004

Thank you both for contributions. Will buy a retail version of XP 2400 266FSB from Novatech £41 + VAT. Should be fast enough for my needs for a couple of years.

  TomJerry 16:18 20 Sep 2004

his motherboard Asus A7A266 does not support 333FSB

  Noleg24 16:24 20 Sep 2004

TomJerry...I KNOW!!! I read his mobo model...anyway case closed now...

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