Socket A CPU ?

  Rtus 21:55 08 Dec 2004

Any one got a surplus CPU..needed urgently

  Buchan 35 22:08 08 Dec 2004

What size and what system you got?

  Rtus 22:19 08 Dec 2004

Its not my unit .. I have a niece whos units gone belly up.I have surplus Gig board socket A which supports fsb of 200/266 (duron/Athlon/Xp ath/(K7)types, i have surplus memory for it,So I can give her that. but cant locate a cpu (non in stock)

  TomJerry 23:35 08 Dec 2004

AMD Athlon 2400 XP £47 click here

if it is out of stock, the only ption is to change otherboard as well, or get a Barton 2500 and swap with my 2400 (joking)

  TomJerry 23:40 08 Dec 2004

personally, never used ebay click here

  Rtus 00:15 09 Dec 2004

board doesnt support the Sempron at 333 fsb

  Rtus 00:20 09 Dec 2004

Thanks for suggestions,but it has to be cheaper than that....& personally I wouldnt use ebay,see those delivery costs!! nuff said..LOL

  sicknote 01:46 09 Dec 2004
  dan 11 07:58 09 Dec 2004

From the Micro Mart web here

A fiver plus p&p.

  Rtus 20:40 09 Dec 2004

thanks dan 11 looked there & then decided what the heck Ill upgrade (again)going for a AMD 64 3400+ & new board to suit..So Ill give her my old un (all of 5 months old) Thanks all ....

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