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  chippy+ 19:31 17 Feb 2006

hi my daughter's pc has a msi alladin v.1 mother board with amd 468 processor at the moment it has 256 ram could anyone who has had this board tell me what the limit is for memory i know it is an old board but it still works but slow thanks Chippy

  [DELETED] 20:10 17 Feb 2006

I think you could get away with another 256mb, are you running windows 98 ?

  [DELETED] 20:16 17 Feb 2006

Is this your motherboard? click here
As clayton says, if you are running Win98 it doesn't like more than 512MB so you shouldn't go beyond that. There is a way round this limitation but 512MB is plenty for Win98 anyway.

  chippy+ 20:17 17 Feb 2006

hi clayton thanks for the reply no it was w98 but i changed to xp the strange thing is when i had it and ran xp it was fine i had a network card and ntl but my daughter has a usb modem and freeserve ? i also had twice as much programs installed thanks again Chippy

  [DELETED] 23:09 17 Feb 2006

I`m running XP Pro with 800 MHz cpu and 512 RAM from a pc 2 board. It`s quite happy and has given me no trouble. Check with Crucial for the limits of your board.If you can do it add another HDD.

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