Socket 478 motherboard

  Sidetrax 14:48 22 Jan 2006

Im going to get a new processor for my dads old computer, its a socket 478 board.
Its now got a Intel Celeron 1.70 Ghz processor, and im thinking of getting either a 3.0Ghz Celeron or a 2.4 Pentium.
My question, which is better? Obviosly the Pentium is a better model, but the Celeron has a higher clock speed?

  GuZ><0r 14:53 22 Jan 2006

Firstly make sure that the motherboard can take those CPU's at those clock speeds.

  SB23 14:57 22 Jan 2006

See my post,
click here

I'm asking a similar question

Mobo can only take up to 2.533Ghz

  Sidetrax 15:11 22 Jan 2006

Ive run Belarc advisor on my PC and it says that my motherboard is a SIS-651. So I googled it and every picture I found, it looked nothing like the motherboard I've got. =-/

  Sidetrax 15:13 22 Jan 2006

GuZ><0r, how do I find that out?

  AndySD 15:17 22 Jan 2006

Look on the motherboard its either arround the edge or between the pci slots.

  Sidetrax 15:39 22 Jan 2006

I found out that the frequency for my motherboard is:

Intel Pentium 4 = 2.8GHz (533MHz)
Intel Pentium 4 Celeron = 2.0GHz

So that means that a Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott) 2.4GHz 533FSB Socket 478, would work?

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