So, where's the file?

  zoobie 07:40 31 May 2003

I'm offline watching a flash animation and decide to save it. I view the source, see it's called mouse.swf, and do a file search...but find nothing. So, where's the file?

  Diemmess 07:46 31 May 2003

Windows/Temporary Internet/ ??

  zoobie 08:54 31 May 2003

A file search is START>FIND>FILES/FOLDERS>mouse.swf


  graham√ 09:41 31 May 2003

If you are off line, where did the animation come from?

  leo49 09:55 31 May 2003

As Diesse says, it will be found within one of the folders with the 8 digit/letter name in the Content.IE5 folder within Temporary Internet Files[the location of which will vary depending on your OS].

If it's not showing in a search, have you got your settings to show hidden files and system folders?

  Patr100 10:51 31 May 2003

Make sure you are searching the entire C; drive and not just from C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu when you launch find fron the start button or you won't find it.

  zoobie 21:00 31 May 2003

Ok...I found it...It was where it should be...but why didn't my file search work? Me no understand.

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