So what is exactly do I want a router for?????

  Johnnie_M 20:14 25 Nov 2004

Hi there, just one small question, can I use an RJ-45 crossover cable and connect my wireless access point to my P.C which in turn is hooked up to broadband? If so why would I need to get a router?

  ste_bla 20:23 25 Nov 2004

Crossover is PC to PC


Patch is PC to Router/AP

So you will need a patch cable. Also the pc would have to be on when you wish to access the internet wirelessly.

Most people have them as means computers dont have to be on or off for it to work!

Also routers are normally more reliable than usb modems (if thats what your using)

PS if i misunderstood sorry!

  Johnnie_M 20:27 25 Nov 2004

Ok...well I'm ok with using the P.C. 24/7 as I will use it as a server types, and since it has 160GB compared to my 30GB notebook it would be a better idea I feel. I am currently using a PCI ADSL modem to connect as my USB one was (as you have indicated) absolutely unreliable.

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