So unsure on laptops and hybrids. Please any help appreciated

  Declan-2263552 16:25 20 Feb 2015

Hi, I am really confused with what laptop or hybrid would be the best choice for me, and preferably at a decent price. I am unsure if I would benefit more from a laptop or a hybrid aswell. I am currently going through a course to take me to university next year, but I am in desperate need of a laptop/hybrid. I considered the hybrid because next year I will be taking the device with me to campus, whereas at the moment I am distance learning, so a laptop would be just fine at the minute, but do I want to be lugging a laptop round with me when a hybrid would be lighter. Also, after deciding which one would suit me better, I then have another dilemma of which type of laptop/hybrid would suit my needs the most. I have siphoned through hundreds of pages of laptops/hybrids and have come to the conclusion that I haven't the faintest idea where to look. Thank-you for the time taken to read this and please any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

  john bunyan 16:42 20 Feb 2015

My grand daughter is a second year undergraduate at UCL. She needs a laptop for essays, music!, internet etc. She also has a scanner / printer in her room to save going to the Uni facility. However true laptops are a bit heavy to lug around. She now has a Samsung 8.5 in Pro tablet with a keyboard that has software compatible wit word, which she uses in the Uni or other libraries, using Dropbox to transfer. The issue you need to decide is the size of hard drive required, as the lighter weight PC's are moving to SSD - robust physically, but few are more than 256 Gig, and a virus in a SSD is tricky to remove..

Mac books are attractive but expensive and so thin as to be fragile - a new screen could cost £400 vs a laptop screen at less than £100.

  1. How much space do you need? 2. What screen size? 3. Would you consider 2 machines such as the above? 4. What type of work will you be doing - clearly Photoshop or video editing need a better screen than day to day word processing. Do budget for at least one back up HD - so many people lose their data.

Do come back so we van suggest ideas.

  Declan-2263552 17:45 20 Feb 2015

Thank-you for getting back to me, sorry for not including more information. Basically I will be studying a law course at UCL so it will be mainly essays and media (but top spec media is not essential due to it not being a media based course) I do however want something that is fast and reliable, whilst lightweight for the carrying around with me. Preferably with quite alot of memory as I will be hopefully using it for quite a while. Battery life would be a plus too. I never really considered a mac book as they are expensive and I am looking for something that isnt too highly priced. Which is why the consideration between the laptop and hybrid. Hope this helps A little more, thank-you again.

  john bunyan 18:12 20 Feb 2015

Co-incidence you are off to UCL - if you meet a "gabby" blonde in the debating society it may be my grand daughter (reading history)!

A true laptop is about 2.5 Kg. An "ultrabook" , with no CD/DVD (can get a USB one) is lighter- under 1.9 kg.

A good laptop is about £500 - an ultrabook a but more. Have a look at the Lenovos here - screen sizes a bit small

J Lewis

  Declan-2263552 18:44 20 Feb 2015

Thank-you for your help, and yes very coincidental isn't it, small world after all, if I ever do come across her I know how helpful her grandfather has been when I have been so stuck! :-) I came across a few lenovo's and was highly tempted with what I saw, but I do admit I am not the most tech savvy guy really. How would the ultra books compare to such devices as the Microsoft surface pro? I only ask as I have seen some decent reviews on them, but wasn't sure if it would compare to a laptop. So you would recommend something along the lines of a lenovo? Just so I can shop around and know the type of specs that could suit my needs. Thank-you again.

  Declan-2263552 18:49 20 Feb 2015

Also, one more thing, I understand that the i3 processor is not as quick as the i5 and then the i7 is a little over kill for what I would be using it for, but what are the Intel pentium and Intel Celeron? Or am I best sticking with something along the lines of the i5?

  john bunyan 19:42 20 Feb 2015

I would stay with i5 if you can afford it. Do decide if you need a built in DVD / CD. Take a bit of time to decide - others here may give some views. A laptop does everything but is a bit heavy. Decide on screen size; stay with 5i, I do think it is good to have at least 500 Gig HD and at least 4 Gig RAM (6 - 8) better. My granddaughter keeps her iTunes on hers as a "mother" to an iPhone; I like to partition a HD - about 120 gig for OS, programmes, balance for data. Makes it a lot easier to back up. A HD for back up is vital, in my view. The Surface Pro is a super Tablet - only 64 Gig storage and a 12" screen. I would have thought you need a Windows machine - far more programmes available. The Surface Pro is , of course, very light. You could buy a decent laptop for about £500 plus a Samsung Tab 2 Galaxy 8.5 " Tablet with expansion SD for about £200 for portable use.

Decisions, decisions!!

Do you have a place at UCL? Granddaughter did IB - 41 points (615 UCAS) so I know how hard you must be working!

  Declan-2263552 09:51 21 Feb 2015

Thank-you so much for all your help. I would still be pulling my hair out if I hadn't posted on here.

Screen size isn't really an issue, the majority of stuff going to be on it is work related and not as much media. I think I am more edging towards the lenovo's but will definitely be shopping around for the best prices. Still unsure what would be better for my needs whether HD or SSD but I'm sure I will come to a conclusion soon enough with the shopping around. I might just consider a laptop and a tablet separate because I should be able to transfer data between the two?

I am currently on an A2HE law diploma course, once completed (and passed hopefully) I will be on my way to UCL. I've done it through A2HE because I have recently left a 7 year chef career due to a permanent injury so not a school leaver, so there are other options to allow me to change profession and access UCL but none the less very hard work. And your grand-daughter must have worked hard to have achieved enough for UCL because they are quite a highly demanding uni (I know the law school there is high ranking in the world)

Thank-you again for all of the help you have given, I really would still be very stuck without your help.


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