So Many problems Whats the best fix

  StellaArtois63 11:13 08 Sep 2003

I have had my first computor now for nearly 3 years and it runs Windows 98se. I had to reformat it twice( Dell spoke me through this ) ,and since then it has never run properly.I cant play games that I used to , certain programs won't run anymore, every so often I have to reinstall scanners and printers because they wont work, and now I have troubles surfing the web because I now have Java script problems and it locks up on certain sites. I use Norton Anti virus and update regulary so I dont believe it has a virus I think its due to my inexperience with PC's that has probably caused it.
What I would like to know is, are there any programs I can buy to give this a check over ( I have Nortons system doctor) or can I take it somewhere to give it a good check up ( not PC World, have not heard good things about them ).I ring Dell to sort out problems but every problem costs me £20.I have also tried to use PC pit stop but now that locks up on me.
I live in the Watford area and would appreciate any help to get this PC running sweet again. Many thanx Ade

  StellaArtois63 11:39 08 Sep 2003

Its actually hard to write them all down because I am not that hot with PC's and dont really understand the messages , some come up with errors so I reinstall them , others just wont run the games simply wont load or just lock up so to be honest I am not being of much help to you sorry about that.

  StellaArtois63 11:49 08 Sep 2003

I dont actually have an installation disc the PC is a Dell and it comes with a product recovery cd and when I last did one it asked me for the name of a file which I didnt understand.It says I need to find a setupx.dll file then it gives me a box with restore from and it says D:\Win98 and then save in C:\windows\system when I select ok it then says it cant find the file, verify that you have selected the right restore from location. Doesnt mean much to me I hope you may know.

  StellaArtois63 12:44 08 Sep 2003

I have tried putting both letters in both drives and trying all combinations to no avail. I downloaded the setupx.dll but when I have opened it, it asks me to select a program I want to open the file with, any ideas what I select. I am sorry to you all if I am frustrating you but my knowledge of PC's is to say not very good if you hadnt already noticed.

  StellaArtois63 13:37 08 Sep 2003

I booted up the PC with the recovery disc in it and then I selected Recover Drivers and Install Files it then told me it loaded up 888 files, I hope this is what it is supposed to have done.
Peverelli, I have also transferred that file into the windows file you suggested. I will see how the computor works over the next few days and if I do still get problems I will write them down as they happen and ask what the problem is as Jester2k11 suggested. Many thanks to all for your advice it is much appreciated.

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