So I/We in my eara have gone fibre optic

  jack 09:42 14 Sep 2010

And BT is now plugging away with BT Infinity flyers to get me/us to change.
The offer looks impressive[you must be a BT line subscriber] Up to 40mb, a Home Hub, upload upto 2Mb
40Gb monthly usage
unlimited WiFi
24/7 freephone or online help
all for£19.99 Pm

Shall I or shall not I change?
I pay similar for up to 8Mb[ typically 5.5 most of the time]
But then I thought would not the mere presence of the fiber optic cabinet along the road humming away make my modest connection ,with another ISP 'sharper' anyway?
It certainly seems better than of recent times
And oh yes I am aware of TT's allin one offers a half or less or even some of BT's ,but that is not at issue here - my current ISP is infact thae olny one I have used there past 5 years or so because it is absolutely trouble free[Perhaps because it in fact a minority one that does not figure often in the charts]

  woodchip 10:08 14 Sep 2010

jack do not forget that speed is not only the line, it can be slowed by a server not being up to par with the new hardware etc. That means also the place you may be downloading from, but it should be better, but as you know they advertise oxo's on buses but they do not sell them. At the end of the day it all lies in your hands on what to do, some time when you taste things they are not as nice as they look

  Al94 10:18 14 Sep 2010

I moved to BT infinity a month ago, we are quite a distance from the exchange and my speed varied from 1.8 mbps to 0.5 mbps at peak times with my previous provider.

I went for the £24.99 option and the test on the line told me I should see speeds of 17.3 mbps down and 5 mbps up.

It took a few days to settle down and there is a huge difference in speeds at different times of day, it is usually around 17mbps during the day but can frop to aroun 8mbps in the evening.

Still, it's a lot better than it was before and can run streaming video without buffering at any time.

As far as I know you wont see any benefit from the fibre optic cables on your existing broadband as BT will only connect you to the new cabinet when you take up infinity.

I would recommend it.

  Al94 17:34 14 Sep 2010

Lucky you ßeta - are you close to the exchange? I didnt think it mattered that much with fibre optic, the green cabinet is only 30 yards from my house so was surprised I didn't get faster speeds but it's still a lot better.

  shellship 18:35 14 Sep 2010

Jack. I really envy you. Although we do not live in the sticks - quite - I suspect that, being rural, and just south of the Wall, it will be a v long time before we get any decent speed.

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