So, how do we post a link to Driverguide?

  pj123 15:27 26 Dec 2004

Every time I find a driver using Driverguide and copy the URL and paste it in to a thread it never works. It always shows the login page and not the drivers. I assume it is because it needs an ID and Password to access the site. The ID is always "drivers" and the Password is "all".

As this appears to be a "free" download site why does it need ID and Password to access it?

  [DELETED] 15:31 26 Dec 2004

Possibly because they have been thinking of charging for the service.

  anchor 15:33 26 Dec 2004

log-in seems to have changed recently:

USER NAME is: driver2

PASSWORD is: all

Step 1: Go to click here

Step 2: Click on the member login link.

Step 3: You will be asked for your user name and password.

(please make sure the user name and password are in lowercase)

  pj123 15:51 26 Dec 2004

anchor, yes that's the way I do it but I am still using Drivers and all and it seems to still work.

Having found the driver though and copied and pasted the URL it still only comes up with the Login page and not the list of drivers.

Check this thread, click here where, having found some drivers and posted the link to them I still had to explain how to find them?

  Graham ® 15:59 26 Dec 2004

It's the same with Maplins. I think it's because the server is not (allowed) to forward the internal routing data needed.

  Djohn 16:38 26 Dec 2004

Sometimes but not always, with these time restricted pages such as links to PC World Items will work if you convert the original URl to a tiny one Copy the full URL then convert at the Tiny site and paste the shorter link here in the forum. click here

  Graham ® 16:45 26 Dec 2004

Sorry, Maplins OK.

  pj123 14:17 28 Dec 2004

I think the best way round this is to download the driver and offer to send it via email.

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