So does my Motherboard have PCI 2.2 slots ?

  Commander Straker 20:48 14 Jun 2005

I would like to buy a Compro Digital TV card for my Mesh PC (AMD Athlon XP)bought 2002, but the card refers to needing a PCI 2.2 slot - how can I find out if my ASUS A7V333 Mboard has such slots ? The Asus guide is silent on the subject. Their website is useless - requiring so much info you end up going round in circles- and Mesh have just ignored my question (but then thats Mesh) - any ideas team ?

Thanks again.

  Joe R 20:52 14 Jun 2005

Commander Straker,

yes. click here

  Joe R 20:56 14 Jun 2005

I may have got the wrong version with the first link, but it's still the same answer. click here

  square eyes 20:57 14 Jun 2005

I have the same system, i agree 100% bout Mesh, things obviously havent changed :(
I have the same MOBO and i belive i have 5 pci slots and the 2.2 might be reffering to usb speed?
Heres the program to find out all the deatials about your system (very good!)

click here

Good luck

  sicknote 20:58 14 Jun 2005
  Joe R 21:01 14 Jun 2005

Commander Straker,

on any of my two links, if you scroll down to where it says "industrial standard" it says immediately after, " pci 2.2 "

  woodchip 21:01 14 Jun 2005

I don't think it will support it as they are only normal PCI slots. But there are plenty more TV cards or get what I got from PCworld a Artec USB2 External Digital that does all and will not be out of date when Analog TV goes of air click here

  Meekster 02:43 15 Jun 2005

Woodchip , pci 2.2 is a normal (modern) pci slot.

Are you getting confused with pci-express ?

  961 09:24 15 Jun 2005

The PCI bus was introduced in June 1992 as PCI 1

PCI 1.2 was introduced in April 1993, PCI 2.1 in June 1995, and PCI 2.2 in Jan 1999

Since then this has been standard, apart from some low profile cards (PCI 2.3)

  Stuartli 13:22 15 Jun 2005

My Gigabyte mobo, produced in 2000, has five PCI 2.2 compliant PCI slots.

  woodchip 15:50 15 Jun 2005

That must be one then in one of my desktops a Blue PCI slot with a Dial-Up modem what I do not use. Why did they change from AMR and CNR slots

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