So Big Virus

  [DELETED] 07:46 22 Aug 2003

I am sorry to say I am need of urgent computer help now.I think I may have the Virus [email protected] .I have had at least 80 e mails on yahoo with it attached and thought I got rid of them all.But in todays e mails I had a few from postmaster saying mail undeliverd this mail also had an attachment.I did not send them nor do I know the people they were sent to.How can I check if infected(I have done a virus check using norton and a trojan check with the claner all passed)and if infected how can I get rid of it.I am using XP Hme

Thank you Dave

  [DELETED] 07:55 22 Aug 2003

The e-mails are the returns from the infection spread by someone who knows you. basically the virus sends itself from a PC but uses another e-mails as the return address.

So Alice's PC is infected and knows Bob. Alice's computer sends the virus to Charlie but it uses Bobs address as the return (sender) address. Charlie thinks Bob sent the virus. In the case that the mail server auto returns virus e-mails Bob receives the messages being returned and not Alice.

Both you and i and thousands of others are suffering the same. If you have up to date AV and you've scanned don't worry.

  [DELETED] 08:01 22 Aug 2003

Thank you

  sil_ver 10:18 22 Aug 2003

Three cheers for Mailwasher :-))

  [DELETED] 10:25 22 Aug 2003

I was just reading in the press that this version of SoBig is just a test before the REAL virus is realised on Sept 11th.

  [DELETED] 10:28 22 Aug 2003

Sophos has pointed out (3 June 2003) that each version of SoBig has an expiry date and then 2-3 days later a new and "improved" version comes out. They think the writer is testing techniques...

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  The Paul 10:39 22 Aug 2003

Mailwasher and AVG. So far I've avoided everything. I know - Murphy's law - watch this space.

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