so afraid to update the bios to newer version

  habs2habs 18:17 14 Feb 2010

Hi everyone

please i need your help.

please be with me,a little complicated problem.

I bought this desktop from packard bell,

This is the specification of my pc:

-intel Q6600 quad core
-Asus p5n e SLI (BV from packard bell)
-one hard disk (windows vista home premium)
-another hard disk (window7 home premium)
-sapphire vapor-x HD 5770 1 GB(graphic card)
-Direct X 11)
-All the chipset is up to date,except the BIOS

The version of the Bios i have is:1001

But the latest version:1006

I had small problem with the sapphire graphic card,the sapphire technical support,asked me to update the BIOS to the latest version,and update the (chipset,and the graphic card software to the latest version).catalyst 10.1

As i said,everything is up to date,except the BIOS.

But i am so afraid to update the bios.

In packard bell website,they asked to create a CD,to be able to update the bios.

i am mainly using the windows 7,

in packard bell website,the latest version of the (BIOS 1006),is in vista,NOT in windows7.

I will restart my pc,with window vista,update the Bios to version 1006,than (hopefully) if everything is fine.

restart my pc with windows7.

As i said i am really afraid to update the bios.

If i want to take my pc to pc specialist,it will cost me a fortune.

Kindly,can you please advise me if is it worth to update the BIOS.

The desktop is running normally,with the old version:1001

I hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards

  OTT_B 18:23 14 Feb 2010

The BIOS is not related to the Operating System.

If your other updates fixed the issue with the graphics card then you don't need to update the BIOS. What issue did you have with the graphics card?

  james105051 18:26 14 Feb 2010

As a general rule I would say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". As it's running fine I would leave it alone.

That said I have updated the BIOS on all the several PC's I have owned and never had a problem

  habs2habs 19:25 14 Feb 2010

hi everyone

The problem,when i try to play far cry2,if i press forward,i move than stop than move than stop,on and on.

I changed the graphic resolution in the main screen of far cry2 so many time and so many different resolution,press apply

nothing worked.

with my previous graphic card(nvidia 640 mb 8800 gts) i never got this problem.

i even bought new psu for this card.

my old psu was only 400 watts(FSP, psu)

the new psu(antec earthwatts 750 watts)

i really don't want to upgrade the BIOS ,my pc working normally.

but the technical support from sapphire,recommend me to do that.

please what do you think>

i hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards

  Terry Brown 19:43 14 Feb 2010

It seems there is a software problem with the graphics card, not running to full specifications.
See the link for more details.
click here=

As far as I can see, this BIOS upgrade only affects the Graphics card amnd nothing else.

If you are unsure, ask a friend who knows more to help you.

  User-312386 19:57 14 Feb 2010

Hold on a minute. For years now asus have had there own flash software within windows! It should be on the cd that comes with the bundle. If not head over to the asus. Its much easier, it flashes the bios within windows and then you restart.

  morddwyd 08:40 15 Feb 2010

I have just updated the BIOS on my Asus M2N4 SLI (with much trepidation!).

It went like a dream, and increased overall stability.

  skeletal 10:12 15 Feb 2010

In my well known quest to try to make Vista work on my machine, I updated the BIOS. I was also very afraid! When it re-booted, to XP (I run dual boot) I had a message telling me I had to register XP.

This caused me much confusion because at the time I was trying to make Vista work, and now I had a message telling me that XP wasn’t working either!

So, if you do update the BIOS, be prepared to contact Microsoft to re-register your copy/copies of Windows. It was a heart stopping moment, but Microsoft did sort it out quickly.

I’m not sure if this affects every BIOS update, or I was just unlucky. The operating system detects changes to your computer, and if there are “too many” or “something significant” changes (like a motherboard) you get this hassle.


  retep888 10:55 15 Feb 2010

If the technical support from Sapphire recommend you to do that,there is a reason particularly your motherboard was designed nearly 3 years ago with no ATI 5000 series DX11 card in mind.

One thing you've to bear in mind before you hit that update button,on Asus site the latest Bios version is 1406(30/11/2009)against your version 1006(you got it from PB site?)

Normally a computer manufacturer writes Bios for
their own board,please make sure they're compatible and consult Packard Bell first if you can.

Nowaday you can update Bios inside Windows but experts advise against that though I haven't come across any problems by doing that.However for a novice user I'd recommend you to do the proper way
with ezflash click here

  habs2habs 07:48 17 Feb 2010

Hi everyone

thank you all for every help i am receiving from you.

yesterday 16/2/2010 i spoke to one of the technical support shop,near where i live.

and explained everything to him,he told me that if i want him to update the bios for me,

first i have to sign a contract ,if something happened while updating the bios,that he will not be responsible,and it will cost me £35.00.for updating the bios.

if i want to buy another motherboard from him,with the installation and configuring the new motherboard to my pc it will cost me:£135.00(everything included,motherboard,installation).

do you think shall i sign the form.

i hope to hear from you very soon,as you always did all the time.

My kindest regards

  morddwyd 07:56 17 Feb 2010

Not to put too fine a point on it, No!

This guy is going to work on your computer, but if he breaks it it's your fault not his? And you will still have to pay him £35 for the privilege?

I can just see a local garage getting away with that!

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