SNRM falls at night, but does not recover completely next day

  newearwax 13:10 19 Dec 2012

My ADSL2+ target noise margin is 3dB. as is to be expected, the margin falls considerably overnight. The next day I would expect to see it recover to near the target, but it only increases to less than 2dB, very rarely higher.

Is the router faulty, or is there another explanation? Any advice friends? Please!

Router Technicolor TG582N

  lotvic 13:20 19 Dec 2012

I would try switching router off and after 30 secs or so, switch it back on again to make a new connection.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:11 19 Dec 2012

Less than 2dB does sound a bit too low, but if you're not getting any disconnections then I don't think you should worry about it.

  newearwax 14:55 19 Dec 2012

@lotvic On the rare loss of sync I do as you suggest


It doesn't present a problem. I am more interested why the SNRM does not rise to the the target. Might anyone enlighten me on that?

  lotvic 15:17 19 Dec 2012
  Secret-Squirrel 16:59 19 Dec 2012

"I am more interested why the SNRM does not rise to the the target."

Noise on the line or an inferior router are two possible causes. What's your downstream attenuation?

  newearwax 18:49 19 Dec 2012

Att: 47dB Router TG582N as stated above

  Secret-Squirrel 19:21 19 Dec 2012

"Att: 47dB"

I take it you're a long way from your exchange. The longer your line, the more potential there is to pick up unwanted noise and interference and that could account for why the SNR struggles to get above 2dB.

  newearwax 20:37 19 Dec 2012

According to Kitz Distance:- Direct: 2.04 km By Road: 2.6 km

Attenuation is for ADSL2+ connection.

The SNRM target was reduced to 3dB after a battery fault a year back, so the system must have thought line not too noisy.

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