littlestan 09:48 22 Dec 2008

Hi everyone - before anyone shouts at me for not searching the forum for an answer I just can't at the moment as my pc is taking literally forever to do anything and i apologise in advance.

Basically, all was well yesterday - i ran a scan on spywareblaster and updated. did cclean - all well. switch on this morning as i have some precious days off to do what i dont have time to do on my pc and zappo - its like its another machine. it is taking forever to move from one thing to another and will give up the ghost and throw me off the internet. As many, I rely on this silly system for most things - banking, shopping etc and i am such a green horn i am completely paniced and just do not know what to do or try to try and get things going as they were again. Just getting onto the forum has taken ages - your help to get me back to normal would bo SO SO appreciated or should i go to the lappy hospital. I run Vista. Thanks everyone x

  canarieslover 09:55 22 Dec 2008

Try a System Restore to a time when all was well.

  CLONNEN 11:13 22 Dec 2008

Is it just the internet that's taking ages or is it everything in Windows (eg. Microsoft Word, Notepad etc.)?

If it's just internet that is slow try rebooting your router.

  littlestan 12:02 22 Dec 2008

both - i have done a system restore but made no difference. it seems i can get on the internet - choose say this site but it just hangs and then will come off the internet and say failed connection or if i eventually manage to get on here it takes forever to get onto the page. how do i reboot router??

  nosharpe 12:40 22 Dec 2008

PC's & laptops sometimes slow up when the harddrive gets quite full, because it takes time to allocate HDD space for virtual memory.
I would think that Vista would have quite a big requirement for this.

Try un-installing any big programs you don't need

  CLONNEN 13:10 22 Dec 2008

Just switch off the router at the Mains Plug and then switch back on again to reboot.

But it sounds like ccleaner may have deleted something it shouldn't have. Can you undo yesterday's deletions at all?

  CLONNEN 13:14 22 Dec 2008

You could try clearing the Internet Explorer cache, cookies and history etc. But I suspect ccleaner may have already done that.

Maybe that's why it has gone slow.

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