Snags with resurrection of old 166MMX based Comp.

  Diemmess 12:27 28 Oct 2003

Elderly G-Grandmother uses her computer for WP and when pushed Internet...... SOS to me, it won't boot up.

Various attempts at repairing Windows by A: or CDROM started off well but fell over later.

Deep breath and formatted 2.10Gb HD showed 0.5Gb bad sectors.

Substituted a "spare" 17Gb HD but BIOS and the rest will only recognise 2.1GB. In fact declared the version of Windows which was on this HD "not a valid Disk"

All seems to depend on the BIOS which some cretin in a previous life covered by a Password.

The Bios should lose this if I could find the battery. NO WAY can I find the battery!

There is nothing flat, cylindrical or otherwise, which looks remotely like a battery!......Except perhaps a chip-like object with white dot for orientation close to the BIOS chip with the number ODIN OEC12C887 on its top. No sign of a socket or the usual spread pattern of conductors away from a chip "I could probably and if I had the courage lever it up".

AWARD modular bios v4.51PG 84/97 ......appears on the monitor, and under that AWARD Plug & Play extension v1.0A

Now what? Can anyone help me identify the system battery?
Or ifI reflash the BIOS do I need the P&P extension as well and in what order?

  Terrahawk 12:33 28 Oct 2003

can you find out what mobo it is you may be able to get a manual and locate the clear cmos jumper if it has one have a look at the mobo it may give you some info

  plankton 12:36 28 Oct 2003

There should be a round metal object central in the PC (at the back of the mobo) with the word LITHIUM on it. It may (or probably will be) hidden by all the wires......

Would this help?

click here

  plankton 12:39 28 Oct 2003

..and/or PCI cards.

  Belatucadrus 12:44 28 Oct 2003

The BIOS supplier may be the "cretin in a previous life" as some of them, AWARD in particular set default passwords, then for reasons unfathomable don't tell you about it. click here for a list of the words used, if you can't find the battery try these.

There is one important warning to remember if you try this, some BIOS configurations will lock you out of the system completely if you type in an incorrect password more than 3 times. Read your manufacturers documentation for the BIOS setting before you begin typing in passwords.

  Diemmess 13:01 28 Oct 2003

Had forgotten the jumpers but without the manual..........which and what!!!
The only visible thing apart from lots of Intel chips on the mobo is the message Intel 430VX PCI Bios for...... on the initial screen.

I will start searching for an Intel list in half an hour or so, but still hoping some wizard out there will save my day!

  DieSse 13:21 28 Oct 2003

The "ODIN" thingiy is a combined real-time clock and battery.

They are nearly always plugged - but are somewhatlarger then the socket underneath them, so it won't be very apparent without removing the board. But that's definately it.

  Diemmess 13:28 28 Oct 2003

Wow DieSse! - said he cracking his knuckles, and limbering up for a serious attempt to remove the ODIN thingy, without tearing some tiny vital bit nearby.........

God willing that ought to "lose the demand for a password".
Will report back when I have something to say.

  Diemmess 14:27 28 Oct 2003

Brilliant Forum.

As they used to say when a baby was born -"Grateful thanks to all concerned.

Belatucadrus answer won after failing to (battery) reset the BIOS, his link gave the right password after 9 wrong-uns.

So the old comp accepts the new disk on "Auto" and siad disk is partitoned and currently formating. Doesn't a 166MMX seem slow!

I feel I am on home ground at last having installed 98SE an unlikely number of times.


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