SMTP server not responding

  griffo 17:38 05 Jan 2006

one of our laptops (small LAN - all on XP) is getting either/both SMTP or POP3 timeout messages, yet all the other PC's are sending/receiving emails OK.

Have tried deleting and reinstalling the account password (read that might be the cause), didn't work.

Can anyone please advise?

  griffo 19:58 05 Jan 2006

thanks for the reply, will try this tomorrow when back in the office. Do I go to 'start, run, ping <pop server name>?

  griffo 21:57 05 Jan 2006

do I ping the incoming or the outgoing, they're different. Forgive me querying but surely pinging checks connectivity or somesuch and it's only this one laptop that has the problem, the rest of us can connect both incoming and outgoing.

  woodchip 22:05 05 Jan 2006

The account settings must be wrong

  woodchip 22:06 05 Jan 2006

If you can Connect to the Net then it's got to be the settings in above

  griffo 22:16 05 Jan 2006

Hi Woodchip,

didn't try the internet, this PC has been behaving fine until late afternoon today. I'm puzzled how any settings could have become altered but will check them all in the morning.

Thanks so far, any other thoughts are always welcome.


  griffo 20:35 06 Jan 2006

Well, I feel a bit of a fraud today, when we switched the problem Laptop on today, Outlook Express worked just fine!

So we don't know what caused it or what fixed it. However, as always, I really appreciate the kind help given. Sorry I can't indicate what solved it.


  woodchip 20:38 06 Jan 2006

Is it Wireless??? if so it may not have been connected to router

  griffo 23:00 06 Jan 2006

We do have a wireless router but this Laptop was using a cable connection at the time, actually it was the first thing I checked, as I use wireless and the router does 'drop out' from time to time and need re-booting.

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