SMTP corrupt?

  Dobba 16:47 09 Jan 2010

My wife uses Windows XP and suddenly, although she can receive e-mails (Using Outlook Express & POP 3) with attachments, she cannot send any. the warning message is:-
The host SMTP could not be found. Please verify you have entered the server name correctly. Account POP3. Server SMTP. Protocol SMTP. Port 25. Secure (SSL) No.
Can anybody point me in the right direction to cure this, please? Where do I go to check that SMTP settings are correct (Also POP3 settings, to be on the safe side).
She uses Outlook Express version 6.

  Sea Urchin 16:54 09 Jan 2010

Which service provider does she use for her emails?

  johnnyrocker 20:13 09 Jan 2010

delete and recreate?


  Dobba 13:09 10 Jan 2010

Hi Sea Urchin.
She uses

  MAJ 13:17 10 Jan 2010

See if this click here helps, Dobba.

  Forum Editor 13:20 10 Jan 2010

is at:

Under the advanced settings tab you should tick the option labelled 'This server requires a secure connection (SSL).' and enter 465 in the outgoing mail SMTP field.

Click on the servers tab and click on 'My server requires authentication.'

Now close the settings dialogue and try to send an email to yourself.

  Dobba 18:45 10 Jan 2010

Thanks Maj. I followed the instructions meticulously but still no joy, but then deleted all the accounts and started again. Still nothing, then I spotted a paragraph on line saying "Configure POP3 with Outlook Express". This gave more or less the same info as you did and I had one more do and then "Hey Presto", everything worked and my wife is now happily sending e-mails with attachments like there's no tomorrow!
Thanks a lot, Maj

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