SMTP that allows me to send email from anywhere

  chamskibum 23:55 26 Dec 2008

I travel a lot for work and spend half of my time living in France. In the UK I use BT as my ISP. I use the SMTP address supplied by BT and I am able to send emails fine in the UK.

The problem is when I go down to France I use Orange as my ISP. My SMTP address from BT does not work. It appears Orange “blacklists” this SMTP address… So I can not send email unless I change my SMTP over to Orange and generally it works OK. A bit of a pain because I go back and forth so much.

When I travel I run into this problem also. Depending where I am (what ISP I am using), my BT SMTP address may or may not work and my Orange SMTP address may or may not work…..

Now I tried setting up a Gmail account and using the Gmail SMTP. My thought was no ISP would blacklist a Gmail SMTP. Problem with that is that all my emails are sent with a different address with “gmail” included in it. That will not work for me. I have a specific work email address that I have to use.

Is there some SMTP address out there that I can use that generally will work anywhere? Even if I had to pay for it that would be fine. But my thought is how can anyone guarantee that their SMTP address will work when the ISP’s can blacklist whoever they want???

Any help out there???

  STREETWORK 09:32 27 Dec 2008

There you have it, Orange.

Try hotmail or msn...

  ian-inhome 09:51 27 Dec 2008

Try GMX once you set it up you can send e mails with your normal SMTP address. I use it both in the UK and Spain without any problems.

  The Old Mod 10:02 27 Dec 2008

I use Bt webmail,can login anywhere in the world and send/receive mail no problem.

  jolorna 10:23 27 Dec 2008

you could have a look at this click here

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