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  Drum 12:03 30 Dec 2012

Hi folks, a small problem you can maybe help me with. On my XP computer I upgraded Internet Explorer from version 6, to IE8 a few days ago. Everything went fine, however I instantly noticed that web page scrolling has been affected, and is now very jumpy. Using the mouse wheel, the page scrolls in several jumps even after I let go of the wheel.

In IE I've looked at tools> Internet options> advanced, and under the browsing list have made sure that "use smooth scrolling" is ticked. Also in control panel mouse properties buttons, autoscroll, scrolling size is set to one line, and "use MS office compatible scroll only" is ticked. However, when I close the mouse properties box, I get a warning .... Run a DLL as an app has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.... Not sure what this means?

Funny thing is, I also runs Firefox on the same PC, and scrolling web pages on that is absolutely fine, perfectly smooth, no jerks, and one line at a time. So it's definitely IE8 related

As always, any help proffered is gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:14 30 Dec 2012

I think you may need to make sure you have the lastest Java update

  Drum 12:27 31 Dec 2012

Thanks for the input Fruit Bat, but am having some problems. Went to control panel> Java, and in the Java control panel on the updates tab, found an update, downloaded it, and get the message ready to install Java 6 update 38. However, I then get a security warning... "update checker module security warning" "Windows has found a problem with this file jre-6u38-windows-i586-iftw_2be54934.exe"

If I click the unknown publisher link, on the general tab >view certificate > install certificate, this brings up the certificate import wizard and if I choose all the default settings it says import successful. If I then go back to download and install the update I'm back in the loop with the security warning box coming up again.

Don't quite know how to get round this?

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