SME in need of advice on laptop purchase to run Sage & for office work.

  MrsMacP 15:55 28 Jun 2011

Hi All,

We are a small printing business, mainly running Macs but looking to purchase a PC to primarily run Sage Instant Accounts and for general office work. Outside of work it will be used for Skype, downloading photo's & watching dvd's.

I'm looking at laptops with Windows 7 Prof & have narrowed it down to the following: - Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15 Core i3 380m for £455.86

or - Lenovo IdeaPad B570 Core i3 for £444.97.

Can anyone advise on how reliable Lenovo laptops are? Also, would you recommend any other laptops as we want to try & get as good as possible for the budget.

Many thanks K Pullan

  Taff™ 17:44 29 Jun 2011

To be honest either of those will be perfectly fine as far as I can tell. For the Office applications and Sage there wouldn`t be any issues. I do all of that on a laptop that cost £100 less than you propose to spend and nowhere near the power of an i3 processor.

The one thing on your list that might concern me is the watching of DVD's. Two things you should check on the proposed laptops - Battery Life and the quality / volume of the sound. If the "claimed" battery life is less than 3.5 hours I would reasonably assume, based on experience that you couldn't watch a 2.5 hour DVD on it using just the battery. (DVD Playback seems to drain batteries very quickly and having the laptop plugged in would be sensible.)

Speaker quality is very difficult to judge but be warned that on some laptops at this price range they can be poor quality - "Tinny", no decent bass and poor volume. The only way to tell is to get a demonstration. And here is your problem. Lenovo are not readily available at the likes of PC World, Curry's et al.

Lenovo bought out the IBM brand and are a very well constructed machine. I would check out some of the reviews on this site.

  ajm 00:35 30 Jun 2011

Can you not run Parallels or Fusion on your exisiting macs, install Windows 7 Pro OEM and run sage?

  MrsMacP 10:10 30 Jun 2011

Hi Taff,

Thanks for your feedback on this, I will definitely look at the battery life and sound quality of the two proposed laptops.

ajm - The Macs are being utilised for artwork almost 100% of the time by two staff. I need something seperate that I access when required & also on days when I'm working from home. Thanks for the suggestion though, we did consider this but its just not feasable for our setup.

Regards K

  wee eddie 11:11 30 Jun 2011

I assume that you have accepted that if you buy a Windows Based Model there will be inevitable compatibility problems with the rest of your Companies Computers which, as you have said, are Macs.

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