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smashed screen on Denver tablet how do I dispose

  laptopdunce 01:56 31 Jul 2016

I have dropped my Denver TAD-90032MK2 on a hard floor and the screen has smashed, I can just get it open but cant operate the USB thingy from the top bar to open up the file transfer option to move photos to laptop (it is connecting to laptop but wont show it as a tablet) I know its worthless now but I want to make sure it is safe to just bin it, how can I erase all the stuff on it, history and files, its no good keeping it but dont want to bin it in case it comes into the wrong hands, what should I do? thanks laptopdunce

  BRYNIT 09:09 31 Jul 2016

Just keep hitting it with something like CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE until your happy it's dead then take it to a recycle centre. Remember to ware safety goggles and gloves.

  laptopdunce 13:11 31 Jul 2016

I did make it reset with the paperclip in the hole but it restarts it all and keeps my photos etc., problem is I cant get it to open on my laptop to remove all the photos and docs, I cant get the screen to open up a factory reset in settings, I get so far into settings but then I the "OK" button wont "click" on the screen. thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 13:18 31 Jul 2016

i have managed it!! finally got the capacitive screen to action the restore button by turning it around to get the OK tab to be not on a broken bit of screen, will it be safe now to just bin it? thanks Laptopdunce

  Govan1x 14:14 31 Jul 2016

Looks like it is easy enough to open it up or install a replacement screen but depending on what it cost when new. Maybe not worth the bother.

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